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Services & Contact

Life – and business – is a series of steps or transitions to new levels of growth and existence – transformations. Ingo_Audi

“As a next level life and business coach I help clients to reach their next level.”

Ingo Michel, M.Ed.

Consultant & Coach

Drawing on extensive global experience in Supply Chain Management (i2 Technologies now JDA, Global New Media), inter-cultural Training (BMW, Siemens, NVision), counseling and coaching, personal development and a talent for creative problem solving, I help individuals and organizations to succeed –  by finding new ways and new solutions. Whether it is in transcending their personal challenges or the challenges of growth and change in an ever-changing business environment to achieve sustainable success. Adaptability and continuous improvement are the keys to long-term success. In my consulting sessions I help clients to refine their brand identity and market position as well as effective strategies for growth and sustainability. The concept of Kai Zen – constant renewal and improvement – in this context serves as one of my key paradigms.

“You helped me to see things in a different way.” Louiza P., Greece

Change and growth happens when we begin to see things in a different way. When we change our approach. Create new results. Social Media Marketing is a major part of these success strategies, and Instagram is the social media sharing platform with the highest user interaction (20 – 50 times higher than facebook and twitter) and a rapidly growing active user base of 500+ million users. Major brands such as Apple, BMW, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabana are increasingly using this medium to increase engagement, generate leads and conversions. Follow me on Instagram: Day2bFree for your daily dose of inspiration and insight. You may also visit my profile To schedule a free initial consultation please use this contact form and briefly describe your goal or challenge:


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Ingo Micheh, M.Ed.

CEO & Founder Entrepreneurial Success