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Contact me for Web design, Marketing Consulting & Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, SEO and Google Ranking Ingo_Audi

“I help you succeed.”

Ingo Michehl, M.Ed. – Consultant, Web Designer, Coach

Drawing on extensive global experience in Supply Chain Management (i2 Technologies now JDA, Global New Media), intercultural Training (BMW, Siemens, NVision), counseling and coaching, personal development and a talent for creative problem solving, I help individuals and organizations to succeed – whether it is in transcending their personal challenges or the challenges of growth and change in an ever changing business environment to achieve sustainable success. Adaptability and continuous improvement are the keys to long term success. In my consulting sessions I help clients to refine their brand identity and market position as well as efficient strategies for growth.

“You helped me to see things in a different way.” Louiza P., Greece

Social Media Marketing is a major part of these strategies, and Instagram is the social media sharing platform with the highest user interaction (20 – 50 times higher than facebook and twitter) and a rapidly growing active user base of 500+ million users. Major brands such as Apple, BMW, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabana are increasingly using this medium to increase engagement, generate leads and conversions. I help clients to do the same. Follow me on Instagram: Day2bFree for your daily dose of inspiration and find out how the top performers in instagram are growing their accounts. You may also visit my profile To schedule a consultation please use this contact form and describe your goal or challenge:


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Ingo Michehl, M.Ed.

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