Elementary Acer – An Elegant Unix Based OS Windows And Mac Alternative

elementary windows alternativeelementary windows alternative

Elementary Windows Alternative: A Unix Based OS Windows And Mac Alternative

The Elementary windows alternative simply works!

You’re tired of windows with all its bugs and hangups? Can’t afford a Mac? Got an old windows laptop lying around? THIS is the way to go!!!

Update: Project ‪#‎REVIVE‬ ‪#‎Acer‬ ‪#‎Aspire‬ V5 471G-323 laptop ‪#‎Hackintosh‬ ‪#‎Unix‬ ‪#‎ElementaryOS SOLVED! I FOUND A SOLUTION THAT WORKS!!! YEAH!

I waisted about 2 days reinstalling windows 8 on my old Acer laptop. It keeps freezing up. Argh!
Upgrade to Windows 10 not supported. No windows serial number provided with purchase, so downgrade to 7 also not so easy either. I then waisted about 3 days trying to get it running as a Hackintosh using UniBeast and OS X El Capitan. Arrrgh! OK, you could also say I ‘spent 5 days successfully identifying what DOESN’T work!’ Whatever.

Finally, searching in newsgroups and forums I found a solution! Yeah! Installed http://elementary.io/ You are asked to give a donation of any amount and can download it right away. Took me 30 minutes and works like a charm. Like my macbook pro actually! Ha! Prepared the usb with disk utility and used their provided installer to create a bootable USB on my Mac.
No code. Too easy!
The simplest, most effective and elegant UNIX based OS next to Apple’s OS X. (same operating system as Mac and the Bank of China.)
Finally a Unix OS that is easy and user-friendly, emulating the Mac experience. And you can get it for a donation of $5, 10 or 15! Incredible!

Wifi connected right away during the install process. Pre-Installed browser etc. Installed free apps from the app store (Libreoffice, Gimp -a photoshop type app, and Firefox) – and woohooooo!


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