Entrepreneurial Success: How To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

There are many entrepreneurs, but only few who actually succeed. So how DO you succeed as an entrepreneur? That is the question this page endeavors to answer, and to provide the tools for, in order to empower YOU to be a successful entrepreneur.


My name is Ingo. In ’94 I published my first web pages, and have been working in the online – as well as the corporate – world ever since, studying successful people and businesses, and what makes them successful.

From what I’ve learned it comes down to this: You need

  1. a clear, positive vision/mindset, infused with passion
  2. a winning strategy
  3. persistence – consistent effective action/good habits

What do Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs have in common? A success mindset, a winning strategy and persistence. They never gave up.

So success springs first of all from a winning mindset – which can be learned. In his epic autobiography ‘Losing my Virginity,’ Sir Richard Branson shares his incredible journey from humble beginnings to fame and fortune. Despite seemingly insurmountable challenges he managed to turn a student newspaper mail order business into a global business empire: Virgin Group. While it may seem to many that he was just lucky or privileged, upon closer inspection it becomes clear that he earned his success with ingenuity and perseverance.

Especially relevant in this context appears an incident when a bank loan to outfit his airplanes with passenger video systems was declined. Although the situation was seemingly hopeless – Branson did not give up. On the contrary: He thought bigger – outside the box – and turned to Lockheed and Airbus, the two main airplane manufacturers, to buy a new fleet of airplanes. As there was a recession at the time, he was able to negotiate an incredibly low price for which he was given a bank loan – and which included a new passenger video system. Therefore his mindset allowed him to transcend his formidable challenge.

What makes a winner a winner?

How do the hugely successful differ from the average? What allows the few to rise above their circumstances and achieve incredible results?

It’s 1. their attitude. Their mindset – a set of paradigms, beliefs, and mental habits that allows them to see and pursue opportunities which the average person does not.
2. a winning strategy
3. positive consistent action / good habits.
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