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Help with Anxiety or Panic Attack

Do you need help with anxiety or panic attacks?

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Financial pressures, stress at work or at home, an increasingly complex lifestyle, terrorism threats, accidents and trauma – general anxiety and panic attacks are on the rise in developed countries according to google statistics. According to the ADAA the treatment of anxiety disorders makes up more than 1/3 of the annual US mental health budget. Even tough businessmen, firemen and military personnel suffer from anxiety and panic attacks after traumatic events – so it is nothing to be ashamed of! And the good news is that it is very treatable.

Anxiety attack appears to be a common ‘modern day problem.’ Prolonged excessive stress, traumatic events and unresolved emotions can cause anxiety and panic attacks. Fear is a natural response to protect us. But it can severely hinder us when it becomes unspecified, in the form of worry, and excessive. In this case it is not in relation to actual threats but only perceived ones. Even tough business men, firefighters and military personnel suffer from anxiety and panic attacks after traumatic events or prolonged excessive stress. So it is nothing to be ashamed of! After all you survived – and THAT is strength!

In case you are also suffering from depression, it would be advisable to seek professional help. These symptoms may be an indication for greater underlying issues that need to be addressed. Being emotionally distraught can result from a variety of causes. Trauma and environmental causes (air pollution, stressful noises and energies etc.). Prolonged excessive stress at work or in relationships. An unsatisfactory career or personal life. An unbalanced diet (too much sugar, fats, toxins such as the ‘E-‘ in processed food, insufficient water intake). The lack of exercise and nurturing human interaction. The list goes on.

As a counseling psychologist I have evaluated Barry McDonugh’s Panic Away program and can recommend it as a viable intervention option. It’s a good tool to help you stop anxiety and panic attacks. If you would like my personal attention and counseling, please contact me via the contact form.
You can learn how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks in the Panic Away program here: