Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

are key to your online success. In an ever-changing digital environment where people’s attention span is severely limited – according to research you have .45 second to grab your potential client’s attention – it is vital to instantly distinguish the quality of your service or product. Hence, on this page, I will review marketing tools I personally use and can thus recommend (or not). Stay tuned for upcoming reviews.

To start an online business, you have the option to provide your own products or services or to offer those of others. This is called affiliate marketing. Though you may get away with a simple landing page provided by a list building autoresponder like MailChimpGetResponse or AdWeber (I prefer GetResponse – less expensive, more features), I recommend an ‘old school’ home page like this one you’re looking at. Well, ‘old school’ as in having a home page. ‘New school’ as in using the latest mobile-optimized web technologies like WordPress, SEO optimization and other cool plugins. Furthermore, to achieve top Google ranking (your page link appears on the first page of Google search queries for relevant keywords), you need an optimized web page with plenty of backlinks to establish your web authority.

Web Hosting

Hence for the last couple of years, I’ve used for domain registration and web hosting (you need both to have a home page). It’s reliable, fast, inexpensive and good. (Like 37$ a year after a discounted first year) Thus my recommendation.


An image speaks a thousand words.

For great marketing you need great images.

marketing tools - stock images

marketing tools - stock images - tropical paradise

So you’re working on a presentation, advertisement, web page or Instagram posting – and you need some royalty free stock images. Consequently you search online but they’re quite expensive.. (e.g. 5 images for €39, 750 for €159 )

Solution? My insider marketing tip of the day is the Mega Collection of royalty-free Stock Images by David Watson at DigiProductImages. They are indispensable marketing tools! I use them myself and can greatly recommend them. They are really cool!

Check my postings on my Instagram for examples: (A few samples below. I added the text.)

You can get your own collection here: DigiProduct Images Mega Collection

Rather than buying a single stock image for $7 or more you can get more than 10.000 top quality royalty free stock images for only $29.97 ! Noice.

As a result, this is my secret marketing tools tip of the day. My verdict: VERY COOL!!! Excellent value for the money. I like.

marketing tools - stock images digital freedom marketing tools - stock images Imagine freedommarketing tools - stock images

In conclusion I’d say that first you need to begin with the end in mind. Think about where you want to be. The rest is details. How to get there. What is your unique, special service or product that can enhance the lives of others? Then think about and research how to best present it most effectively. Join my VIP Newsletter to stay updated on the newest coolest trends in digital marketing tools. And to download my Amazon eBook Mindset : Entrepreneurial Succees free of charge.