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How to be fit for success

You need to be physically fit to succeed on the long run – and to enjoy the fruits of your success. Achieving your dreams can be a daunting exercise at times resembling futility – but the treasure at the end of the rainbow is worth it. The reward is worth the sacrifice. Your time and effort that is. Whether you can stay in it long enough to succeed depends largely on your physical fitness.

Are You Fit For Success? Do you have the mindset, strategy and physical fitness necessary to achieve lasting success?

See yourself there and you will be.

And when you get there it will have been worth the struggle.


My name is Ingo Michehl. I help people and organizations to succeed with my web design, consulting and coaching, as well as my educational programs.

As Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, said in a recent interview, “business is about creating something you believe in.”

What is it that you believe in? What positive result do you want to see in your personal or business life? What positive development would you like to see in the world? What unique contribution do you want to make?

Richard Branson wanted to change the way transport is done so he created Virgin Atlantic. Elon Musk wanted to help with the transition to sustainable transportation – so he created Tesla Motors and Space X.

Steve Jobs wanted to change the way people saw and used computers – so he created Apple.

Me, I want to help with the transition to sustainable living, where we live in peace and harmony with ourselves and the environment, where living is easy and in the flow, where our needs are met easily and gracefully as we meet those of others. The abundance paradigm: There is more than enough. And the Secret: You attract what you think about. Hence my efforts in setting impulses by providing educational information on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of our lives: how to succeed in life. Sustainable living – which includes financial freedom.

Modern business depends largely on information and working with computers in order to provide products and services. Exchanging information. Traditionally in offices, trend wise increasingly being outsourced to home office and service providers. This creates a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs. But as you’re focusing on building your business, your brand, online and in the ‘real world’ – are you taking enough time for your physical body to be in shape – healthy and strong, as is part of your perfect natural state? Are you fit for success? Next to mental focus, strategy and consistent action to accomplish your goals it takes physical fitness to stay in it for the long run.


Remember Neo in the Matrix movie when they had needles in him to regenerate his atrophied muscles? Well, I don’t like needles so I figured out another way, doing some research on training efficiency and combining it with my own experience from my days of competitive sports and fitness training. I put together a short training video to show you how to stay in shape with 3 – 4 times a week 17 minutes of short, high intensity workout utilizing all major muscle groups.

Sustainable fitness = Fitness for life

The essential part of sustainable living.

Oh, right, the picture on the right that’s me in november of 2015. My workout? 3-4 times a week 17 min total workout + 1-2 days swimming or running. Lots of fruit’n veg. Sufficient water. Moderate poultry and lean beef. Low sugar (NO soda pops like coke, fanta and sprite!!). Low fat. High protein (Quark / low fat yoghurt). I even eat a burger or pizza every now and then. When you work out you can splurge occasionally. No problem.

Life’s a gym. Work it out. 😉


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Peace, prosperity and long life.
Ingo Michehl, M.Ed.
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