Uber and Lyft Driver – It’s Not All About The Money

hi everybody this is j and today's video is called uber and lyft drivers it's not all about the money so what I want to share with you is that while you probably looking at lyft and uber as a way to make extra money and that's certainly something that I did I'm looking to make a thousand dollars on the weekends and nights to put into a fund for a future travel that's great but what I've discovered is there's so much more to this than just making money it is a thrill to drive around a city as beautiful as San Francisco which is where I've been driving lately and to see the city from all these different points of view and to see all the different neighborhoods and all the different people walking around these are some of the side benefits of being an uber driver another benefit is that you're doing good work you know you're taking somebody from point A to point B you know it's it's not like a sales job no you're not behind a desk you're just taking people from point A to point B and they like it they're happy they're getting exactly what they asked for and you're you're providing it we are the ferrymen we are the people that carry people you know like it like in our hands we take them from point A to point B so there's a lot more benefits to this than just making money and I wanted to make this video just to remind all of us who are out there in any of you that are thinking about becoming an uber driver that yeah there's the money to it but there's also a really a great sense of satisfaction at the end of a six hour shift that you've you know met so many interesting people you've had some great conversations you've seen some beautiful sites you've seen some different neighborhoods and all of that really is is enriching and that's something that's not often talked about so there you go there's some things that for you to think about if you are thinking about becoming a lift or an uber driver just below are my referral codes so both programs offer referral codes it's as incentive for me to invite you to be a lyft and uber driver and incentive for you because you could have some money put into your account by signing up with the referral code so I'd be very grateful if you're thinking about it use my referral codes and then we can also communicate if you have any questions down the road there's also a link to my website where I've got all these videos listed and I keep adding more videos there as well and go go check it out okay so this is jay i will see you on the road bye bye

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