How to get your FIRST Agency Clients (Free Strategies)

What's up guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I want to share some cool Free ways to be able to go through and get clients and build your marketing agency So there's several different strategies we're gonna cover in this video and I would try a few if not all of them because They're just gonna be different ways to build your network and start acquiring new clients to start helping them getting results with basically No, risk to you or no risk to them. Okay, so the first one. I'm just gonna show you guys This is kind of this is just a demo page that I've got set up right here Just to kind of show you guys and this has worked amazingly well for a number of marketing agency groups that I've worked with like kind of individuals kind of starting to look to build their marketing agency and First right out the gate I like to go and post this on my Facebook profile Because even if you don't have a Facebook page with like you know thousands of followers one hundreds of followers or whatever it is You're gonna have pretty much every single person knows a realtor right they've got a family.

They've got a friend they've got somebody who is a realtor or You know that somebody that they know is gonna know a realtor so I say hey Are you a realtor or do you know a realtor okay, and that kind of like piques interest of like okay? I know realtor were like yeah, that's me. I'm a realtor hey I'm learning Facebook Ads right now before I start charging I need to find some Realtors willing to let me experiment with what I've learned just pay for the ads I won't charge anything Okay, so this is obviously you know just to get a easy low hanging fruit way of getting some clients Just right out of the gate You know and then once you go through and get them some results you know maybe go give it one to two weeks and once You get them some results and you can say hey I've you know.

This is the these are the results is would have gotten you and now I'm gonna start charging X right I'm gonna start charging 500 bucks a month 750 a month Like you know you just kind of go set that price point but for the first two weeks You lead with value in advance because if you don't have any Testimonials nothing like that to get started with this is a great way to go and get started okay So that is kind of the looking to learn right there And then right here two and three are pretty much the same thing right there well posting results. That's like posting Once you like get good results for this person in this post you can go take screenshots inside the Facebook Ads manager Like where let me show you guys Where is my real estate folder? So I've got a ton of testimonials I just keep track of all these testimonials, so this one is more like for example.

This is more of a Posting a testimonial versus posting or testing posting results sorry about that Let's see I've got I've got tons of results once Where are they? Okay, okay. We're like right here. Okay? This is where I've taken like a screenshot of the Facebook Ads manager I'm like hey look. It leads for a dollar and seven cents and post engagement likes and comments for just a penny per Engagement are you a realtor like I'd love to help you out like that is gonna really peak Engagement right and I've got a number of these right like eighty nine cents right here off $15 a day We've got a hundred and thirty four leads there Thirty you can see right here $0.38 45 cent fifty nine cents, and I just got this folder of real estate testimonials where I've got Coming back over here I've got my results that I can post and then also I always like to ask clients saying hey Do you mind sharing actually a lot of these I didn't even ask I didn't reach out Slyke Damon right here You know he's saying rolling strong a lot lots of these guys I didn't even ask them to post anything and they just like you know Derek right here is messaging me, okay, and Then some of these videos some of them I asked for the videos like Debbie Derek Evans right here, but then some of them they just like max reach out to me and say hey, man I'd love to shoot a video for you cuz like this is killing.

This is working super Well, so you can see I've got videos got all that stuff just to show you guys really quick this is This is Adam He went through and he did Exactly that he posts the results hey the power Facebook if you're real stage you're looking to get more leads So you can sell more homes I? Want to help you I can only on board five eight agents at a time if you're interested like this poster comment below And I'll p.m..

You okay, so we wouldn't showed hey look. I've gotten who He's like I got 68 leads in the last I can't remember, but that was like in like two weeks or so okay, so this is it September 28th September 19th What is that 9 days a week and a half? And then he's got all these likes and this is this is pretty early on with this post, but he's got all these likes comments the interested nice work interested interested He's got all these people raised reaching out to him see like all these people That he can go start to work with K. Now Evans. This is another one he went through And it kind of cut off the bottom the stats right there Let me just see if I can actually like lift.

This up a little bit So you could see that a little bit better Okay, so now he's got there's still kind of cut off but he shows like okay organic reach was like four thousand paid reach was twenty one thousand and He's basically Sorry, let me just go back so I wanted I want to really show you guys this stuff of what he actually said Okay, so it was a super excited with our hundred all or funnel we landed 20,000 views seventy one buyer leads and multiple showings in First week so hundred bucks seventy one buyer leads right and these guys are all just literally following my step-by-step Training on listing leads buyer leads seller leads like all those different things They're using those exact templates And this is what they're doing to go leverage and get clients right so obviously I've you knows like looks like an awesome solid strategy And then you got all these people like just tagging people in here and saying hey Like I want I want to learn this stuff all these likes And he was able to get a lot of leads off of that so coming back over here guys Looking to learn you start with that post results once you get those and then also If you're if you're posting something like this saying hey I'm looking to learn and I won't charge anything you can talk with them initially and saying hey I'm not gonna charge you anything, but if I get you good results Do you mind shooting a quick like 30 60 second testimonial video? or posting on Facebook so I can screenshot that and share with other people to build my business and Guys people like they're happy to help you if you're getting them results if you're helping them succeed They're definitely gonna help you succeed and those ads the testimonial based ads Those are my my top performers by far, okay? Okay, so those are those are some great ways right there, and then just in case you're like Jason I do not have any realtor friends I do not none of my friends know any Realtors, which one that's just an excuse I know that's not the case you know Realtors You just got to think about it, and also your friends know Realtors what you can.

Do. This is another cool little strategy We're gonna come to Facebook, right? And you can come over here to Utah Real estate agents, okay? I've live in Utah look There's 851 members in here, and no I'm not saying go post and spam inside this group okay I'm not saying that what I'm saying is click on members and Every single day maybe come in here, and I'm friends with a lot of these people actually already just Just come over here and just say oh friend requests sent so if you just come down here like and say like hey add friend Hey, Keller Williams obvious That's not a real person that add friend Brian James add friend Matthew add friend And then once you start to add these friends guys look at this okay I've got like tons and tons of friend requests right here, but if we come over here.

Let's go over to our friends list This is just a cool little thing that we can do okay, so my friends and Then so for example, let's say We want to go here, it's like Joseph right here, let's say Joseph, we want to make him in our real estate Grouping right so we just do is hover over our friends. Go to add another list and then we're gonna come down here, ooh Add another list and see how he's in business I already have a real estate one, so I'm gonna click on that as well, so he's gonna meet my business and real estate So this is almost like creating a custom email list right now We could even do a new list and you could say mortgage brokers or whatever right and so he's in my business and real estate So now when I come over here to my timeline and I make a post Look at this I can make it public or I can just post it for Let's see see all I could just make it a custom my business or custom to real estate so I just want only real estate people to see this okay, so then you can go and repost your your Results your testimonials, but even at that I wouldn't even do that I like I would still put him in a list, but I anytime you post results or testimonials I would post them to everyone make it public because then people can go through and refer people to you Okay, so that is another key little option there to grow your Databases go find realest agents in your area and start adding Don't don't go spam it and add like all of them right away, but add like maybe ten a day Then after five days you've got 50 friends.

Who are real estate agents, right? The same thing guys look at this LinkedIn LinkedIn is huge and it's business focused right so you go to LinkedIn You can go do and post this same exact post right here on LinkedIn on your LinkedIn profile, and you could go search for Utah real estate Agents, I don't even know I've never done this before but Let's come in here. I don't even know how LinkedIn works actually I've never really been on this too much, but but anyway guys the same type of thing there's groups in here I think they call them like communities or something like that Where is it people content companies groups right here there? We go Utah real estate agent free help click on there we start connecting with these people so you so Jeff Porter e is the group owner Come in here Anyway, we there's ways to go find and connect with these different people so I'm going to connect with Jeff Porter We just click connect, and then we can go through and post our testimonials We could post our results and in do so basically the guys We did the looking to learn right there Right we did the post results which is right here on this Facebook post results right here And then this is posting testimonials And then we've got I showed you guys a number of other testimonials that we did, so we've got this one.

We've got this one We've got this one. I mean we've got tons and tons of testimonies that we can post there and then Where is it post testimonials and then also? Build your network of real estate agents go and go to Facebook groups and add people as friends put them in lists and then go through and Continue to post success stories. I like to always post as many success stories as I can okay then people like one success story people be like oh the piques our interest a second success story, they're like Okay that I should check out what they're doing a third success story means like man.

They are killing it They keep having success after success. I want to reach out to that person I want to do business with them okay, and the same thing goes on, LinkedIn And those are all free a hundred percent organic ways to go build your client base you guys right there That that should easily take you to an easy eight to ten thousand dollars a month and without spending any money on Traffic without spending any money on ads just literally working your existing network, and then guys once you get a real estate client Every real estate client knows a mortgage broker right every single one of them So every real estate client you get you're it's like basically an easy toss toss up softball pitch Mortgage broker client that you can go through and have to help you build your business, okay, so like These are super key powerful ways to go help you grow your business so Those are all just two four ones right there, and if you look at it our buyer lead campaigns If somebody's looking to buy a home that is a perfect lead for real estate agent And that is a perfect lead for a mortgage broker right because somebody buying a home There's very few people that can pay cash for a home right so they're gonna need a mortgage broker They're gonna need a real estate agent, and that is a very easy way to go network and and link with both those guys So anyway guys go make that happen post this initial looking to learn one first right here And then go through doing posting results of those screenshots of the ads manager get their testimonials well there's video or screenshot their Facebook has post that and Right now route the gate.

You can already be going and adding friends in facebook groups, then real estate agent Groups in your area came the same thing on, LinkedIn So anyway guys go make it happen you guys can grow an agency to eight to ten grand a month easy doing these free Strategies so go make it happen. Hit me up if you guys have any question.

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