Set a goal with a reward once you’ve made it. Accomplish it. Reward yourself. Use it as a motivational tool. (e.g. “When I’ve made.. I’ll treat myself to..”) And invest in educating yourself, because, as Benjamin Franklin said: “Empty the coins in your purse into your mind and your mind will fill your purse with coins.”

I also recommend a bit of entertainment such as a good fiction book to regenerate and broaden your mind.

Here are some of my favorite awesome ‘Goodies’ – tools, toys and books that I recommend (just click on the item for more info) to help you succeed – and get there relaxed:

Losing My Virginity – Sir Richard Branson

Get there Relaxed: get there relaxed: Ambient Journey Ibiza

Apple Watch Sport Silver
Apple Watch SportĀ GoldApple Watch Sport Gold
iPad mini with Retina and 4G
Quad Copter Drone with cameraQuad Copter Drone professional2min xtra air:
Spare-Air 3000Gone Diving: RebreatherĀ ReviewAnd the mask:


Dan Brown Deception Point
Dan Brown – The Lost Symbol

Michael Crichton – State of Fear
Michael Crichton – Rising Sun

Brandt Legg – The Inner Movement (Genius books by a grown-up child prodigy)
Brandt Legg – The Cosega Sequence

Brandt Legg – The Justar Journal