Relaxing Piano Music

Relaxing piano music – and relaxation music in general – is important for our internal balance. It can help by reducing stress and improving well-being. It can even help us to work more efficiently when it is unobtrusive, peaceful, flowing in the background.

The following album was recorded with much love on a 7 foot Yamaha Concert Grand Piano in Ballarat, South Australia, after spending time alone in the Australian outback and on the endless Australian beaches. Live. Unedited. In the moment. Relaxing piano music for the soul.

relaxing piano music Ingo Michehl

Listen to samples below:

Style: Contemplative, relaxed, flowing Solo Grand Piano music á la George Winston and Windham Hills music.

Music to enjoy a ‘cuppa’ tea or coffee in the morning or afternoon. Let your thoughts go on a journey.

An endless beach, the setting sun reflecting on the wet sand .. Space.     The time is now.

Background: A little about the album. I was traveling around Australia by myself  in a Toyota 4Runner pickup truck.  Had a near death experience on the way to Brandon Bay’s ‘The Journey’ self healing workshop. I was derailed by an animal on the road and hit a tree at 70 ks an hour. The car was totaled but I crawled out nearly unharmed and thought ‘The car.. Bugger! But I’m OK – I guess I have more to do down here.‘ I still made my way to the workshop and there and later was invited to stay with a Native American shaman.

Renate, one of his friends asked me if I had a cd because she liked my piano playing. I said ‘No.’ And opened the yellow pages to find the Redwood Recording Studios in Ballarat. Booked an afternoon, lit my tea light candles and Nag Champa incense and just let the music flow. Some classical and jazzy pieces as well as compositions from my high school and college times with improvisational aspects. Music to me has always been a form of therapy – to help me relax after school or work. My wish is that it does the same for you.

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relaxing piano music Ingo Michehl

Ingo Michehl, M.Ed.