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What’s up there? Everyone welcome to another YouTube Whut. What’s up! Everyone welcome to another video here on my YouTube channel In this video here.

I want to talk and share with you how I earn 6000 euros on passive income – EPIC MUSIC, NOW Before we dive into the video right Before we dive into how I earn that amount of money on passive income.

There are quite some videos on how to earn passive income.

Some share true things and many share things that are not true With this video here.

My intent and my aim is to show you how I earn a passive income to show my portfolio Because it’s multiple ways on how I earn passive income.

But I also want to make this an educational video, where I also want to explode some myths about passive income, because there’s quite a lot, and I’m quite frustrated.

To be honest.

When people talk about passive income and many times it’s a lot of things, they say that aren’t true, And I want to explode them here to you And then I also want to share actually, but that’s gon na be more on The last bit of this video, how you can create systems and ways to keep a product or a service actually generating passive income.

Now, if there’s anything else that I think of when I’m editing the video or when I’m uploading it here on YouTube that I think could be very helpful to you or useful on the topic of passive income.

I will link that all down below in the description of this video so definitely have a look at the description of this video as there will be additional helpful resources and anything else that I will mention can all be found down below in the description Now. Let me start first off by three things that I want to cover.

I don’t earn passive income just because it’s a trendy thing or just because I can go and lay on the beach and do nothing Because that’s not true That’s a myth as well, that I’m gon na talk About in a second, What I would suggest to you is don’t merely earn passive income just because it’s passive income.

It just happened to be in my case that what I do and what I like to do happen to generate passive income, But don’t do it to get a lifestyle or something I’m not saying that having passive income in your business or in Your life isn’t a helpful thing Because it can work on its own, Partly of course, Don’t make the goal to have passive income alone, make the goal something higher, something you know to help people to make the world better.

To make someone’s life better, Make that the goal instead of the passive income, I don’t think you’re gon na create something good.

If that alone is, is your goal and that’s? What I want to say here, with this first point, Don’t make the goal passive income Make the goal, creating an amazing product or service to better the world or to better someone,’s life.

The second point that I want to share here is nothing is ever truly passive Because a lot of people think they create something, and then it’s out there, and then it just you know, works on its own and you never have to do anything about That and you can just lay on the beach and do nothing for your whole life In part.

It is true, and in part it not true, Okay, And let me explain First of all, you have to create something right so that’s quite active.

One of the things in my portfolio, which we’re going to dive into just in a minute, is online courses.

I create online courses.

I create a lot of online courses with myself and with other people Creating an online course. You know the creating of it takes literally about four to six months for one course right, But they’re extremely high of quality.

The content is rich, It’s.

You know it’s a great course.

They’re great courses, all of them.

It takes time to create that right So that’s four to six months and I’m actively working on producing on creating it on recording it.

On writing it out on editing.

It That’s what you got ta understand Nothing is ever truly passive.

You first have to create it.

You first have to create a product or the service, put it online and then create funnels.

So there’s, actually people coming to the product or to the service, and then you have to maintain it. But, of course I could take you know a month for sure or three months I could take offline, I could just go away and the same amount of income would come through.

Could a hundred percent do that? If I would do it for a year – and I wouldn’t – you know, answer questions to students, wouldn’t give out updates to the course wouldn’t maintain just the course.

I would still earn money, but it would definitely lower And if I would just keep it on and not do anything anymore for years, then at some point it’s.

Definitely not gon na be a lot of money anymore.

So you got ta understand that When you want to create something passive, it’s, not gon na, be completely passive.

You still have to actively work on it too, And that’s why? I said the first part that that’s, why having passive income as the goal itself, I would never do that because they, you’re, also not going to be willing to maintain what you created The last part here that I want to share that.

I think is really important and it’s also a myth – and you see it in so many ads on YouTube or wherever, Where they’re.

Trying to sell you some kind of secret, And I just want to tell you the secret here.

There is no secret.

Okay, Like the big secret you could say is that you have to work like you have to put time and effort into creating a good service and a good product that people care to buy right. You could say that’s, the secret, Like there really isn’t much of a secret actually to all of this.

It’s just all to do with putting a lot of work, a lot of effort and creating really a great service or product, with the best intent for your customers that helps the better the world or helps to better their life.

If you’re watching this thinking that I’m gon na share with you, some some secret or some quick, heck or or something to just quickly earn money, this is not the right video for you and to be honest, if that’s, your intense Yeah there is, I am NOT a fan of that intent.

To be honest, I’m a fan of anyone watching here wanting to create great product or service.

This is definitely your video then, but I’m not a fan of that, because, first of all it’s a scheme.

There is no such thing.

So if you are watching this video – because you are – you thought there was gon na – be some quick, hack or secret – that I wanted to share that you could earn some quick money with Be very careful, because there is no such thing And what I just said There you know what the secrets are: hard work, creating a great product or service that’s, the only secrets.

Okay, That’s the only secret there is, But if you do want to genuinely know how it’s done, then please continue watching this video.

Let’s go into the rest of this video, where I actually want to walk you through my portfolio.

Here is my portfolio. Now this portfolio basically consists out of The IPS Project, so that’s, the platform that I found it, which is an educational platform on life And Jellis Vaes, Like my personal YouTube channel, for example, is in my portfolio also one way how I earn money so That’s, where that comes down to right And when I go to the portfolio you will understand more.

The biggest one here that you see is online courses: 50 percent of my income, so it’s about 2, 000 to 3 000 euros.

I earn from online courses Now those courses are at the moment placed at marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare and Skillsuccess, So those three Udemy Skillshare and Skillsuccess, those two or those three together.

I earn about yeah 50 percent 2000 to 3000 euros every month from Then another way.

How I earn passive income is actually renting out.

My van So online courses are from The IPS Project.

The van is from Jellis Vaes, so the first bit that I was saying there.

I have a van where I basically live in, But many times I don’t use it and I actually rented out on a platform called Goboony.

I think they’re worldwide And you can basically see it as the Airbnb for camper vans, so you could put your van on there and people can rent it, And obviously you know this portfolio that you’re seeing now and these numbers, you know the Percentage and the amount of money it will shift it’s, not exactly always like that right, because courses tend to sell way better in the winter.

Now it’s different because of the coronavirus, because now it’s summer and now they’re selling. Like crazy, just because of that reason – And my van tends to sell better in the summer right, Which makes sense more people go on vacation, then less in the winter.

So you know the percentage of them will vary depending on the season, but in general this is the average.

This is the general percentage that I was able to put on it.

That most is like that.

So this is a great way.

Many people have a car or a van or yeah, just an extra room that they could actually rent out and earn passive amount of income from Now.

This is not a hundred percent passive income, but, like I already explained, nothing is completely passive, But the advertisement is on the platform.

The platform attracts customers to me.

I basically don’t have to do anything on that now And once someone rents it, I have everything already set.

You know the email that I’m, sending out to them with all the information and then when people actually come to pick up the van. I have someone who actually gives out the key and gives a little bit of a tour, and I made a actual book with any other additional information.

So if there’s anything that that person missed or when I’m doing the tour – and I miss something there’s – a book that I created – that has all the information in there as well.

So you can create something in a more of a passive way, and this is like I said, no completely passive, but not completely active either, because this is already out there and generating customers to me or people who want to rent it and it’s doing Its thing Then YouTube, I mean this – is you know from my personal channel, but then also from the channel from the IPS project.

It’s something, and I’m putting much more time in right now that’s something I want to grow out.

Much more just because I, like you too, but I like to create videos and the way how you can actually earn passive income from YouTube is at a certain point, when you have about thousand subscribers and X amount of views on your videos.

Youtube runs ads, like you are probably aware of on your videos that’s one way, but then there’s also sponsors that you can work with, but then also referrals, so referral programs that’s actually how with YouTube you can earn money from ads Sponsors and referrals, or, of course you can also mention products or a service that’s also a way so a products or service that you have.

You know when I talk about a course or something that I have and it’s in the description.

You know that leads to sales rights, so that’s how you can use YouTube as well as a way as a funnel actually with referrals.

So I’m a teacher on Skillshare, like I said here and if you go to the description of this video or if you check on the top comments that I made that’s, where actually often referred a referral from Skillshare that where I, as a Teacher can actually provide two months for free for people who enroll and when someone enrolls for two months, I get ten dollars.

Don’t promote something like think about. Your viewers.

Think about your audience, promote something put out something in your video that actually, that you believe in I’m myself am a user of Skillshare.

I follow courses on there.

I’m a teacher on there.

I strongly believe in them.

They’re great.

It’s, something that I that I want to put out and want to give out to to my audience to my viewers and that I that I believe in myself.

So this referral you can find in the description and in the top comments in basically on my my videos on my personal channel, and this often yeah leads to people enrolling and to sales for me, so that’s one way, sponsors works basically the same.

If you have a sponsor like Squarespace, is, for example, one that you often see where they mention that and then through a link, it’s a bit like a referral.

Yeah, it’s kind of similar, so that’s how YouTube can become a passive source of income once it’s created once it’s out there, it works it lifts on its own. The other bit here in my portfolio is t shirts.

So these are t shirts created with from for the IPS project, basically yeah.

They’re high quality t shirts with a cool design, a cool message: when people buy it’s, actually they can choose the foundation or the project that they want to donate money.

To so part of the money actually goes to something that the customer actually wants.

Money too.

So you know it’s.

It’s, t shirts that actually changed the world, which I’m quite proud on, and they generate sales through the websites of the IPS projects, but then also on the podcasts, so the podcasts, the IPS podcasts.

I have an ad where I talk about t shirts, so that drives sales and then also on YouTube.

It also drives sales through YouTube through videos on the IPS project on that channel.

So you yeah, you could create a physical products and actually create it into a passive income source as well, because the t shirts are in a warehouse somewhere else and when an order comes in, the order directly goes to the warehouse and they just do the shipping And – and you know they create a t shirt, so I basically don’t have to do anything besides accept the order and that’s it Amazon affiliates this just generates like 1 of income. It’s, not huge, probably will still expand on that.

A bit so on the websites of the IPS project and on my personal websites.

You know there’s a block and when I talk about a book you can use an affiliate program like Amazon and actually link that book to Amazon.

And when someone buys that book you get a percentage of of the income from that so yeah that’s, you can use that on your websites.

I have it mainly on my websites, maybe in some YouTube videos it’s on there as well, but primarily it’s on the website of the IPS project and jelly’s fast, that’s generating some income, but it’s not huge.

I also didn’t put much time on further building that out, which is something in the future that I will so, but that’s also a way how you can create passive income and that’s.

You see this a lot with blocks that they have a product link to Amazon and that’s where they get some passive income from then another one, is photos and videos.

So this is stock photos and videos, and this is again with jelly’s fast.

Nothing to do with the IPS project used to be very much into photography and yaagh Rafi still em quiet into that, but used to do that professionally.

When I was still building everything out with the IPS project that was sort of my income – and I also have courses on photography, so you know the courses and the photos and videos on stock websites sort of earn any money back then, but it’s still Earning me money and it’s on stock websites as Shutterstock. Those are the top three that, for me, generates money from my photos and videos, but it’s yeah about five percents.

It also depends on the season again in some seasons.

I yeah so better or on the holiday, so it’s not always 5.

Sometimes it’s more, like 10 or even 20, and whenever I go on a trip.

Naturally, you will take photos and videos, and I still upload them so my portfolio, all Shutterstock on Getty Images, is still growing and generating more and more revenue, the more it’s growing.

This is how I earn.

This is my portfolio, how I earn passive income right and, as you can see it’s made out of more than one thing and the reason why it’s also good to have more than one stream of passive income, not just alone online course.

It’s not alone, just my van not just alone YouTube.

The reason why it’s good to have multiple ones is because, and now it’s a great example – actually Cove it 19.

If my van, for example, would only be the source of passive income. Now people can go on holidays.

I would be earning nothing.

You know I would be earning nothing if that would be the only hundred percent.

You know – and you see this now in quite a lot of companies and in a lot of businesses, that they, they’re, primarily source of income – that they only have one or mainly one, and that that’s just growing away now because of Kovac 19 And they’re having no revenue coming anymore, and if you like, you can see here cuz.

This literally is what happened now.

I haven’t earned right now from my van, even though it was normally booked for this month next months and the past months, but those have been moved to another dates having multiple sources of income, it isn’t such a big thing, because I still Have revenue come in and now we’d go with 19 online courses are actually more than 50.

They’re more like 70.

To be honest, because so many people are online.

So it’s not a big thing, because I still have other streams of revenue coming, and this is a very basic strategy or tactic in business to not put all your eggs in one basket, because if you do and you drop the baskets, all your eggs Are gone and even going more in depth.

This is why it’s also good to not have all your eggs in on one market place, for example here so that’s, why? I also have my courses not just alone on udemy, but also on Skillshare and all skill success, because if, for some reason you to me all of a sudden disappears or if they kick me out of the marketplace could happen right or if they would just yea Disappear, my courses are still on other spitted, they’re. My courses are still on other marketplaces.

That strategy is so fundamental because events like Kovic 19 will come to happen again, and this is why it’s also so critical to not just merely have passive income, but also stream of active income, and also why it’s not alone, do not alone.

If active income, but also passive income to to use the both worlds, because one of them can be shaken through some major events like covert 19, so this is my portfolio, so you’ve heard me use the word funnel now a few times in this video.

But I haven’t explained exactly what it is and how it works, and it’s quite simple.

So let me explain through an example, the online courses that I created myself and together with other instructors for the IPS project, so we have an academy there.

All the IPS podcasts right I run in the beginning and ads that talks about the Academy what it is which is for, and then I mention a link that leaves leads them to the Academy where they can then buy the courses so that link right here is A funnel and that then, in turn leads to sales that’s.

Basically, how true the podcast here in this case, how my podcast generates sales to my courses by creating a funnel and that funnel is an ads about the Academy where there’s a link, and that link is a link in the ad right.

But then also in the description of the podcast, you can find that link as well and yeah every month.

This funnel leads to a whole bunch of sales to my courses, so that’s one example of how funnel works, and you can create funnels in so many ways.

It’s, basically by dropping a link that leads to your product or to your service, and best is to have it’s created to have one to have a funnel that lives on its own and it’s the same with YouTube. If you talk in a video about our theme – and you have a photography course like I do – you can actually mention that course put it in the description, the link, and that is their funnel.

So it lifts on its own, and people are interested to go even deeper or learn even more or just interested in the product or in the service that you mentioned, will click on that and will lead to sales and that’s that’s a funnel? So basically, a funnel is a link that you put into a piece of content that leads to a product or service that’s.

What a funnel is, and the best kind of funnels that you can create, is content that lives on its own, like a podcast episodes, YouTube videos or blog articles.

Now, like I said this, article systems, your product and service and the content that you creates.

You know there has to be a heart and a soul in there that’s my firm’s, belief and just even, if you think, about long term, thinking and short term thinking.

If what you create an offer is not good, it will not lead to many sales.

You will not lead to much goods in the long run either so that’s all that I actually wanted to put out here in this video now.

This video was not an intent to go through all the ways that you can earn passive income there’s way more than this, but these are definitely a few big ones.

To be honest, like online courses is a very easy, an accessible way to actually start generating passive income.

Now here,’s also an actual example in this video, because I have created an a course on online course creation just because it was the buyer. Having so much experience from all on course creation, if you look at all my courses, you know many of my courses have been highest rated.

Many people are actually interested in online course creation.

I will link in the description a link to that course and, like I said, this is a great example of having a funnel actually here in this video but, like I said the intent.

The honest intents with that course was to generally help people from 0 to 100 percent.

I go through everything from three years of experience, in course, creation and just put out everything that I know so.

The intent like the count like the course itself.

The product is created with the best intent and me dropping this here.

This funnel this, you know giving you that link is mentioning this.

It’s with my best interest to whoever is interested right.

I’m not pushing you to buy it’s totally up to you, but if you are looking for more answers online course creation or how you know and actually create a stream of revenue, this is how I can generally help you with that. So that’s what I said, whatever you put out into your video, put it out with the best intent for your viewers or your listeners or readers with that.

I truly hope this video was helpful to you and be sure, like I said in the be going to check out the description of this video as any other helpful resources that I think of will be down below there in the description and if you have any Other questions be sure to leave a comments.

I happily answer as many as I can, and if you liked this video, then yeah also be sure to subscribe for more content like this have a great day, and I hope to see you on another video soon, all right, .

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