Jack Ma’s Ultimate Advice for Students & Young People – HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE

My advice to young person 25 years old Make plenty of mistakes. Do not worry. Just be yourself.  You stand up. You fall. You get up again. You learn.

If you are 25 years old enjoy and not established, just experience life and explore. From 30 to 40 years old You have to think quite clearly: Are you working for yourself? Do you really want to be an entrepreneur? So 40 to 50 “ve been thinking about” how you can focus on the things you are good at But “once youve” 50 6 0 years old working for young people because young people can do better than you So are dependent upon them, invest in them building sure they are good So 25 years old Do not perturb Mistakedo mistake is an income It’s a wonderful income for you In the future it is not a question of knowledge competition It is a competition of productivity It is a contest of ingenuity It is a learning controversy It is a competition of independent imagine If you think like a gondola their own problems will come In the past 20 years it will realise parties like a gondola In the next 20 times the car will look like a beings So in the future “its not” driven by learning Wisdom is the direction of prudence It’s the push ordeal Knowledge has been promoted in the past and is creation driven And in the future it is driven by creativity I conceive the next 30 times the world countries will change a lot New technology is going to change every aspect of the world So “thats what we” make The nature needs to be focusing on not just IQ, EQ but likewise to focus on LQ Love Reminder Because only when you take care of others only when you take care of others who succeed and most successful than you You have had the opportunity 10 several years ago the internet was so good when no one concluded the internet it was so good Now the internet is so harsh because all the smart parties go to the internet So you have to go to the ground outside Fail for … Funny things I flunk, a major elementary school test for twice and I neglect like three times for high school, to be done in order to “schools ” No I have tried … There is an examination that young person If you want to go to University you have to make quizs So I fail three times When I graduated from universities, and before … for three years I tried and I failed to meet universities. So I applied for the job for 30 periods, was rejected. I went to the police They say: No, you are not well I proceeded, even KFC, when KFC came to China, came to see you our metropolitan 24 parties used to work 23 parties were acknowledged I was the only boy And we went to the police, 5 people, 4 of them admitted. I was the only boy not going it. So to me, reject the application, repudiated. Oh, by the way, I told you I applied to Harvard for 10 hours, refused. I learned so much about Hollywood movies peculiarly Forrest Gump You enjoyed Forrest Gump I cherish Forrest Gump Why do you like him? simple Never give up People think he is a subdue but he knows what he is doing And I was very depressed Day … a year 2002 or 2003 in the United Position I was very depressed when I could not determine a mode for the internet and then I watch the movie at my friend Forrest Gump’s house when I see it I recollect This guy “were supposed to” learn lessons from Believe “what youre doing” Love it Whether beings like it or not, be simple and like the saying, Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you might get, right? I never know I would be here talking to you I never know But today I did I told my parties in my suite 18, 15 several years ago Guys we have to work hard Not for ourselves If we can be successful 80% of young people in China can be successful We is not have a rich papa A potent uncle We do not have a dollar from the bank Someone from the authorities concerned Just drudgery as a unit I worry about this young people today Many young people lose hope I lose my vision And start individual complaints We also have these problems when i … It’s not a good feeling being rejected by so many beings We too have depression but at least we find them later that the world countries has numerous possibles How do you attend the world countries? How do you do that? So … Hollywood gives me a lot of inspiration I at first I never saw … I recalled when I was young I said, Anything is possible Now I know not everything is possible We have something to think about You need to be mindful of others You need to be mindful of the client culture, Your employees shareholders There are so many things I mull If you keep working hard It’s possible It is not a duty If you is not Nothing is possible If you try to make love at least “youve had” hope Calm down There is always a way out And save myself matched And in the meantime do not try to hold on because business is a … Competition is fun Business is like a battlefield You die or I win Business … Even if I die there will be another winner, right? So it’s better enjoyable Yes, said about the narration and tell them that if Jack … I do not think that in this world there are many parties refusing more than 30 days If we … you are well aware, the only thing we never give up the only thing to us are like Forrest Gump We continue to fight We continue to change ourselves We do not grumble Whether successful or not I find that a people when they finish creation If they make a mistake and they miscarry If they always to make available to others This person will never come back If son precisely check yourself Yes, “theres a problem” with me here Something went wrong with me there This guy has a hope So numerous parties I “ve talked to” at the time about Alipay, “theyre saying” This is the dumbest doctrine you have ever gotten but say: I do not care if it is a stupid key as long as people use it We now have 800 million people using this Alipay 1999 viti 2000 and even in the time of Yahoo a lot of “theyre saying”, This Jack is crazy, he’s doing something we don’t understand. numerous venture capitalists give you money because such an American model already exists but “theyre saying”, Alibaba? We don’t see that kind of model, do we? They said: Jack is crazy Yes, this is a crazy guy I intend, I recollect my first time in Time magazine They call me Jack Crazy And I see madness is good we are crazy but we are not stupid We know what we are doing But if everyone agreed with me If everyone believed that our feeling is good We have no chance So … The money we have raised we are very grateful So when our investors make a lot of money I feel proud and honored Everyone has realized it a unique and different one So you have to have a unique and different path Many parties today have a lot of complaints Say, I have no choice. I grumble a good deal when I was young and suddenly individual complaints attained is not solving any problem Opportunity is always where people deplore There are so many opportunities in the world countries In this world-wide Because there are so many complaints If you can resolve the complaint, one of the complaints This is the opportunity So that’s what we did I think young people My tip-off for being an inventor Do not be scared of failure Obstacles And is not give up When we start the business “weve had” 18 benefactors including me 17 of them Now most of them are my students and most of them … Well, today parties reckon, These 18 beings are the smartest beings in China. We is not think we were smart Honestly, we all graduated from very poor class The only thing we did We are very united We all believe in the future We are all rosy And we learn through mistakes We never give up If you graduate from notorious Universities satisfy Respect people who finish poor schools Those parties like us graduated from a inadequate university please respect yourself We have chances We came down to today We have moved so many mistakes People say, You are lucky. Yes, we are very lucky We in precisely 19 times contact today’s size But we went through so many difficult situations We have compiled so many mistakes that people can not even imagine in perhap 19 years You have to go through so much hard knowledge And it will attain you different.

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