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nine steps to make money on YouTube hey
are you trying to figure out how to make money on YouTube well in this video I'm
gonna give you the nine steps that you're gonna need to make money on
YouTube and we're starting right now hey I'm J.R. Fisher if you're new to
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with the 9 steps to making money on YouTube I think most people get the
wrong impression about the way to make money on YouTube but I think they get
the wrong impression because the people who are making money on YouTube don't
really readily share how they're doing it now I don't know if they want to keep
those secrets to themselves or what it is but we're gonna share them in this
video and the other reason I think maybe they don't share how they make money on
YouTube is they're almost a little embarrassed about how much money they do
make a lot of money can be made on YouTube but it's a lot of work but the
payoff is very great so let's get right into the
nine ways that you can make money on YouTube now the number one thing I think
we all hear about is you get more views you make more money now what that is
actually is that as YouTube's running ads on your videos and this certainly
can be an income source but it won't be your income source in the beginning and
it shouldn't be your goal in the beginning because first off there's a
couple qualifications the first qualification is you have to have four
thousand hours of launch time on your videos within the previous twelve months
to even qualify so if you don't have four thousand it's hard to get four
thousand hours if you don't have hundreds and hundreds of videos so
that's the first qualification the second qualification is you have to have
one thousand subscribers now to get subscribers that takes time to so to get
four thousand hours of 1,000 subscribers that's a really tough thing to do now
here's the good part about all this is that the top youtubers will tell you
that only 3% of their income comes from views it actually comes from other items
that they do on YouTube that make them money okay so here's how we really make
money on YouTube the way where you really make money on YouTube is have
somebody watch our video okay and once they've watched that video they want
more of what we've got now number two another great way to make money on
YouTube is to give away free courses you say way to say give away free courses
yeah you remember in the beginning I said you
could get my free course my $97 ecommerce course now why would I do that
why would I give away a free course because what you're gonna do is you're
going to give me your name and email and I will give you some free content and I
will also market other products and services I have to you okay and a
portion of you guys will actually buy it and I'll make money so the number two
way is to give away a free course number three way is PDF downloads what's a PDF
download the PDF is just a word doc that you saved as a PDF so it can be changed
and it could be a list of ten ways to do something or five things for a guide or
a ten step method to whatever and when people opt-in for that you put the link
in your description below just like I will for my course they will opt-in and
you'll get in in an email and you can market your
services and products to those particular people
number four is going to be through ebooks ebooks are awesome they're small
they're easily consumable and what you can do in your video is let them know
that you're gonna give away a free e-book to get that free ebook there's
going to be a link in the description they're gonna click in it and they're
gonna need to opt-in to get this particular ebook ebooks can be as short
or as long as you want but generally they're more on the short side maybe
twenty to forty pages and this will give that particular person more information
more good content and they sell them a little bit more on you and it enables
you once again you've got their name and email to market to them your other
products and services number five is checklist I love checklist as a matter
of fact I downloaded one yesterday at a meeting I was at for YouTube and they
had a checklist that I could opt into so I got that checklist and that checklist
will help me with making videos because that's what it was about and they had
that at their particular meeting but you could do the same thing in your
description put your checklist it could be a checklist of things to look for in
ingredients and foods when you go shopping if if you're health-conscious
it could be five things that you need to do to you know grow your plants in your
house whatever it is it doesn't really matter the point is it's a checklist in
a certain portion of the people that watch your videos will download that
checklist it puts them on your list once again you can market your products and
services to those people number six is guides okay this can be a
guide to just about anything it can be a guide to food storage it can be a guide
to cooking recipes it could be a guy to hunting camping fishing whatever you
want people love guides and that key word
guide means a lot to them because it's gonna actually walk them through
whatever they want to learn once again we put a link in our description let
them know about it in the video once they download it we can then market to
those people number seven is click to my site now I
don't like this one as much however it does build traffic and it will build
traffic for you too basically all you do is you say if you
want more information on this particular subject or if you want to get whatever
go into the description and there's a link to my actual site and you can visit
my web site and see all my products and services number eight would be emails
now I've already mentioned this a couple times well once you've got people's
emails you can email them about your digital products or courses maybe you
have a more in-depth course you gave them a free course and you have a more
in-depth once you email them about that and then number nine is gonna be follow
up emails with physical products so you can actually sell physical products to
people you'll notice on YouTube you will see people selling t-shirts all the time
or mugs or hats or caps or whatever now to qualify to have that banner of all
that information on your channel you have to have thousands of subscribers to
do that but you could put a link in your description that says if you want to get
t-shirts hats you know caps mugs whatever you want I put a link in the
description you can click there and go get those products you can also email
them like I said email them the information about it and sell them the
products of the email that you already got from one of the other downloads
number ten is to send follow-up emails about coaching now a lot of people love
to have one-on-one coaching and a lot of monies made in coaching I've done some
coaching myself too and I've charged some pretty high rates for doing that
but coaching is great if you have expertise in a particular area once
you've got their email you can send them emails and they can apply for your
coaching now you can also have a link down there where they can actually apply
for your coaching in the description so you don't have to go through the email
step if you don't want to and number 11 number 11 it's the last one is it the
only one no there's ten more before that and number eleven is what's number
eleven is running ads direct to your videos YouTube will allow you to run ads
and Google ads and actually put your video as the actual spot that they're
gonna go to so maybe you have a link at the top maybe they're searchable ads
maybe they're in-stream ads maybe they're banner ads but you can actually
run ads to your actual videos and some of these videos you can actually sell
them something or just build up traffic for your site either way you want to do
it so running ads to your videos we'll build more traffic to your site
and you can also send them to a video where you're actually selling something
in the video and the product can be sold at the very end by clicking a link in
the description usually these ads that you're going to be running to your
videos are going to be unlisted videos so the only way they're going to see
them is if you're actually putting in them in an ad now one thing I will add
to this is if you're running ads to videos make sure all your videos are on
a separate channel from your main channel because what happens on ads is
they're generally a lot shorter sometimes only two minutes and if you're
running a lot of ads two short two minute videos then it's gonna drive down
your watch time on that channel and your main channel you won't have as much
watch time as possible if it's an ad channel you don't really care about that
because you're just running ads on it so make sure that you separate those videos
that you're running ads to from your channel to a separate channel and you
can have as many channels as you want so that's really simple to do now for all
these methods to work here's the truth you got to add good videos okay good
videos are super super important you don't have to have the best video you
don't have to have the best equipment you don't have to have a studio or
anything like that but they've got to be good so I made a list of the things I
think you should have in your video number one you got to provide real value
okay so your video should actually help somebody out when they get to the end of
that video they should say well I learned this thing or now I know this or
now I know not to do this make sure your videos are doing that number two be
organized in your videos and your thoughts don't just put a camera in
front of you and have no plan of action and just ramble on and talk and I know a
lot of us think well we can just do that because I have a ton of knowledge and I
can just talk the thing is it won't be organized they won't sound organized
it'll be really hard for the viewer to actually follow number three have good
lighting good lighting is essential and when I say good lighting that just mean
lots of it now if you're gonna film indoors like right now I've got one two
three four five six lights on and it does
even look that bright seven lights I forgot to count that one so we've got a
lot of lights on but it doesn't look that bright but if you're filming
outdoors it's a whole lot easier to do it if you do it early morning you do it
late afternoon you're gonna have enough light if you have to do it indoors get
by a window that you have some good light coming in and if you can
supplement that like that's super imports the lighting is super super
important number four is have good sound now people will watch a video that's not
a great video as far as visually appealing but they will not watch a
video that is bad audio they just won't do it if you have bad audio you're gonna
have a problem so what I would tell you is if you don't
have a big budget in the beginning you could use your iPhone and all that but
make sure you film close up because that microphone will pick up all the sound if
you get far away from your iPhone the actual microphone will pick up sound
from everywhere so it's not going to just pick up your voice it'll pick out
any ambient sound around there and the sounds gonna sound very echoey and it's
not gonna be good so if you're gonna film further away you're gonna need an
external microphone and until you can invest in that just do close-up videos
number five you're gonna need to upload on a regular basis okay I was at a
meeting last night and there was a gentleman there and he said he started a
YouTube channel and that he's been on YouTube for three months which is great
three months it's awesome and his first video he uploaded three months ago and
that's awesome that's really good and when he was asked when he uploaded his
next video he said one month ago he says we'll have any video thing you uploaded
in three months he said – so first off you know he didn't have any kind of
scheduled whatsoever the next thing I'll tell you number six is upload on a
regular schedule so two videos in three months will never grow him a channel
it's not going to happen YouTube videos takes a lot of work a lot
of time a lot of effort a lot of planning it also takes a lot of videos
so you're to grow a channel you're gonna have to a lot of videos unless you're
just an incredible video editor and you're so dynamic and you have such a
personality that people hang on your next video which is very very rare
you're gonna need to upload on a regular basis and I would say at least once a
week to really get any traction whatsoever now the last thing my list
number seven is I would tell you to have at least 10 to 14 minute videos some can
be longer some can be shorter but here's why that time is so so very important
the number one way that YouTube makes money is through ads and they put ads on
your videos and they can put up to four ads on a single video but to do that to
get the four ads from a single video they need at least ten minutes of video
so if you're recording videos that are 2 or 3 minutes long and I know I did this
in the beginning I didn't know any better then they can't run ads on those
videos and they're gonna be less apt to show them because their whole goal is to
make money but if you've got 10 to 14 minute videos you've already you know
gotten over one of the hurdles which is you have the video that's long enough ok
so if you've done all the other things you've got good content good lighting
good sound and your videos long enough then you're gonna stand a better chance
of people seeing your videos if they see your videos they're gonna be more likely
to watch them if they watch them they're gonna be more likely to subscribe and
you'll grow your channel okay so that pretty much covers the ways to make
money on YouTube I hope you enjoyed it I hope you've got some enlightenment a lot
of people don't know there's all these different ways to make money on YouTube
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