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hey there welcome to the big-hearted delightfulfreedom my refer is Solana and in this video I’m going to show you some freetools that you can start using that are on the line and you can actually makemoney with these free tools which is pretty amazingnow most of these are going to be works that you can actually provideon freelancing websites so that is coming up next but before we get intothat if you like videos about making money online working from home orentrepreneurship make sure theyre subscribe to the channel and sounds on thebell notifications down below this nature you know when I announce a new video sowithout any further ado let’s get right into it so the first free tool that youcan use to make money online are websites like canva.comI also have two other websites that you can use to create free logospresentations posters placards flyers social media ads and etc you can createthese on your own you have some free templates to use here and I’ll also showyou another website that you can combine with this to get some free epitomes fromand you can get that from a site like now on pixabay you can getsome stunning free personas and royalty free stop this website is really great Iuse this very often for YouTube videos and for other projects you just have totype in whatever it is that you’re looking for and you can find some photosvector graphics portraits and videos that you can work with so canva is onefree tool that you can use and you could also leverage sites like Fiverr calmpeople per hour pacify and plenty of other freelancing websites where you can findclients and find out exactly what they want if not there is something else thatyou can do what I really like about Etsy is that you can also createprintable items and this is what you would use something like canva calm forfor example if we come over here to printable planner as you can see thereare plenty of printable planners on now and you can create these consuming thoseother free websites as well you can definitely create some digital Kalensome summons principle recreations riddles even ebook cover-ups and you can sell themhere on Etsy the good thing about principles you don’t have to shipanything formerly you get the dictates in at “the consumers ” really compensates and then theyprint out the products okay so you can definitely operation canva comm for this but Ihave it two other options for you so you can get even more leverage and morevariety out of doing this okay so this one is called adobe spark and this worksexactly like canva they have plenty of free templates for you to use so withthe free form you will get to choose from thousands of free portraits and iconsfor your scheme so this is another one that you can use the free-spoken copy for Iactually have this recommended one that’s $9.99 per month but if you doplan on going this I do recommend that you you just sign up for the AdobeCreative Cloud which is $ 10 per month and that includes Photoshop and Adobespark and it also includes Lightroom you’ll be going all that for the sameprice that’s what I’m paying per month and I get and I get all three of theseservices okay so this is definitely another one that you can try you cancreate beautiful graphics and webpages and video floors so that is prettyawesome and you can do so with some of these free templates as well crellickaam is also another one that you can use this also designs just like adobe spark aswell if I come up now to pricing as you can see there’s a free copy where youcan get 30,000 plus graphic and animated templates instant be made available to 140 millionstock images and upload your own fonts and likeness alright so this one iscrellick calm so another free implement that you can use is a browser extensioncalled grammarly and I’m on grammarly comm what it does this it correctsgrammar the committee is also species your convicts so thatthey induce more gumption and they found a lot better so this actually does a lotthey do have a paid account but I have been completely penalize with precisely the freeversion and the free copy does previously fairly for example you can go toany of these freelancing websites and examination and see if you can offer theseso this one is people per hour soothe if we go ahead and pursuing assignments we’regonna nature in a proofreading now now they have a tied premium of $200 but you can definitely take a look on here and be seen to what extent much beings are willingto pay for this and how much you would want to charge for this okay but with atool like grammerly you can definitely get this responsibility done alright so the nextwebsite I want to show you where you can use their free implements to make money as afurlough this is uber low-toned comm and this basically at the website where you canfind produces to add to your Shopify store what we’re going to do is usetheir free business figure generator if you go up now to resources and go tofree business tools they have a business name generator and also a slogangenerator so you can offer these services to beings that are looking forthis type of service for example on fiber comm you can create gates on fiberpeople per hour or you are eligible to even go to a website announced squadhelp where you enter contest but of course I do think it is better for youto create your own thing your own business doing these things okay but youdo whatever it is that you want to do on o Perillo I will show you an exampleover here you just have to enter a word that you want your business epithet toinclude so let’s say it’s a coffee shop we’re going to do chocolate you would justask your client what is the theme of their locate and what would they demand thename to include I don’t know I’m making things up precisely to give you an examplethere you go so now you have a ton of lists that time popped up honours that arenot being used that it been established for you so I’m sure that you can find a reallygood one from here or you can definitely get some notions when you furnish theseservices okay now this is just one that you can go to over a little calm butthere’s also another one this one right here is business name generator calm youenter words and you sounds generate and this will too engender some names foryou and this website also offers domain names so you can definitely get ideasfor those if they help with that as well so this one isbusiness name generator’ calm so another way that you can make money is bycreating short-lived video ads and I’m gonna give you the free tool that you can useto create these short-lived video ads now you can go ahead and find customers here onfiber or you can do things on your own and knowing organizations that are actuallylooking for this stuff you can do that on social media on Facebook on Instagramyou can follow some business that maybe are newer or it need some video adtalk to them connect with them and see if you can do this for them so the firstfree implement I’m gonna evidence you is called video the ide vo net and on hereyou have free capital video footage that you can use and all you have to do isdepending on what your client wants you can download some of their free videofootage and if it’s necessary for you to kept a voice over it you can talk over itwhatever it is that you want to do to it really be revising some short video clipsin order to create their video ads another website that you can use ispixels com they do have some free inventory videos that you can use as well on herenow if you have a Mac computer you can use iMovie it already comes installed inyour Mac and if you are on Windows then you can use Windows Movie Maker as wellso this is one option that you can use for free as well this is FX home commboard slash hitfilm express this free video editing software that you can useit’s got professionalgrade VFX tools and everything you need to make awesomecontent so you can do this for films gaming videos and it says it’s perfectfor apprentices film students gamers youtubers or any innovative without abudget and you can use some of the video serum pixels you could also use some ofthe free capital video footage on vid about dotnet so this is another websitethat are provided by with some free content as well this is Panther calm and on panslloyd calm you can create video intros andTriss they have some free templates the only thing is that you have to check thelicense on each of these and make sure that you don’t have to credit the authorcuz that can get a little bit dicey but there are plenty on here that you canuse there are some templates on here that you can edit yourself without theattributes okay so this one is pen Zoid comm and if you go over to fiber thereare beings that are on here already doing this what are you employing fiber orwhether you’re searching your own customers you can do this so this one isPennzoil comm you can create some free video intros on here as well so anotherservice that you can offer is adding subtitles to videos and you can do thisin many different languages with the free implement that I’m going to show you andactually made a video on this so the free implement that you are going to use forthis one is actually if you are watching this video then I’m prettysure you have a youtube channel so whatever it is you want to do is come over to yourYouTube channel now your not uploading your own videos or anything like thatyou don’t have to move videos and show your face and talk on camera or anythingbut you do need a youtube canal because what you’re going to do isyou’re going to get your patrons video and upload it to YouTube but you want toput it on private ok so you want to make sure that it is on private on YouTube sothat you can start working on it and actually exercising the YouTube platform isgoing to help you in transcribing the audio for this video if we go ahead overto YouTube studio you want to come over to your YouTube studio channel dashboardand you want to come over here to the side where it says subtitles and youwant to go ahead and click on subtitles you’re then going to select the videothat you’re going to need it be closed captioning for we’re going to selectthis one over here when you sounds right here under conversations click on the littlearrow right there and then come over to works us publish and you want to clickon that now lo and saw you’re going to see all of the words that I saidin this video and it’s going to be go stomped and everything if you go aheadand click on edit you’re going to see that you can actually edit any of thisyou emphatically want to have the video right here and you just wanted to make surethat everything is correct and edit out whatever does not belong okayalright so again this is the video this is all of the audio and what you want todo is you want to come over here to actions and then you’re going to want todownload it in whatever format that your buyer actually wants and that is howyou get that done as you can see this was really really easy this took meminutes to do this is how you add captions and you can provide thisservice for videos and make money online make it alright so this is the actualvideo and as you can see we now have the closed captioning so we can turn that onif we want to and there you go make even living online with the skills and abilities thatyou do already all right so we have done it so that is today’s video expressed appreciation for somuch for watching don’t forgotten to subscribe to the channel if you are notsubscribed already and leave a comment down below let me know if this video washelpful for you and I’m gonna see you in the next video thank you for watching I

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