How to Succeed in Your Class

>> How do you succeed in this class? There are just two rules. Are you ready? They are very simple. One, go to class every day, even
when you don't feel like it. If your class is online, visit the
website at least three times a week. Submit all assignments, even
if they are not perfect. Remember that all is not
the same as some or most, and even a bad grade is better than a zero. Let's imagine two writers,
we'll call them Maria and Max. Maria is not a strong writer,
she is nervous about writing and worries about passing the class. Max is a very strong writer, his teachers
have often told him he writes well.

On his first essay, Max receives 96 percent. On her first essay, Maria receives 64 percent. But Maria does not give up. She goes to class every single day. She finds a tutor on campus. And she submits all of her homework. Max, on the other hand, begins to skip classes. He figures that he knows
most of this stuff already. He doesn't submit all of his homework either. He got a good grade on his essay
and he thinks that's enough. Maria submits her second essay and
receives 76 percent, which isn't great, but it's better than the first one.

Max waits until the last minute
and decides not to submit anything. After all, Max thinks he got
a 96 percent on the first one. He'd rather go to the beach instead. By the end of the semester, Maria
has an 86 percent in the class. She improved dramatically,
and easily passes the class. Max unfortunately is failing, but he doesn't
even know because he hasn't been going to class. When Max finally looks at his grade on
Blackboard, there is only one assignment left, the most valuable of the semester. Max doesn't understand the question and he hasn't done the reading,
but there's no time to get help. Max earns a 62 percent on the
paper and doesn't pass the class. Maria though, not as skilled in writing
as Max, earned a much better grade. She was successful because
she followed two simple rules.

She went to class every day, she
submitted all of the assignments. If you follow these two rules and refuse to give
up, you are much more likely to pass the class. That's all. [ Music ].

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